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TC 0.8w~4.0w Aluminum-based Copper Clad Laminate

TC 0.8w~4.0w  Aluminum-based Copper Clad Laminate  



  • Halogen-free type, complied with ROHS requirements.green environmental kindly material ;
  • High thermal conductivity copper clad laminates thus effectively increasing the life of electronic products;
  • Good mechanical adaptions
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Electromagnetic shielding

Application areas:

  • Lighting: LED outer wall lighting, LED stage lighting, road LED lighting;
  • Electronic devices in automobile: iginiting device, voltage regulator, auto safety control system, AC tranformer ;
  • Power supply: switch regulator, switch, DC-DC transformer,DC-AC transformer, large power, base board of solar cell,;
  • Electronic control: Relay, transistor base, switchboard,radiator, insulating heat conductive board in semiconductor, motor control device;
  • Computer devices: power supply device, soft disk driver, CPU
  • Communication electronic products: automobile telephone; high frequency booster of mobile telephone, filter circuit, transmitting circuit.


Product Category

 Aluminum-based CCL


Available Size




Al substrate layer

0.8mm; 1.0mm; 1.2mm; 1.6mm; 2.0mm; 3.0mm

Copper Foil

1oz; 2oz; 3oz; 4oz; 6oz

Thermal Conductivity/K

K=0.8  1.1,1.5 , 2.0,3.0 , 4.0

Custormer tailor sizes are available


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